Monday, November 01, 2004

Have we grown up yet?

I don't listen to the news much but the other day I was overhearing the news and heard someone say something about Yasser Arafat. How sick he was and that they had to rush him to a hospital. Like I said I don't follow the news much, so that said - Yasser Arafat might be to Palestine what the late Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau was to Canada. He may be a very influential leader there. But come on guys don't you all see that this is such a game... I mean on the news it said something like ok we'll let that plane with Arafat go through so that he can get proper medical attention...

I don't konw you but when I was a child and we played games in the street we had what we would call "Time Outs". So that we could drink something or go inside and get a bite to eat and then get back to our play war or whatever it was that we were doing with our lives.

I would hope that these people would grow up ... you woudl think and they could realize the stupidity in all of this... Hey guys ok stop killing each other so that we can let Araft go and get getter so that he can come back and play this stupid war game and continue the fighting. So pardon me about this but I think it is rather childish behavior... and its about time that someone there grows up and says ok lets become mature adults and put our guns down and lets make a better world to live in... grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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