Tuesday, October 12, 2004

What for!

Our natural tendency is to read things. If we see a sign we read it, its almost impossible not to read something that is in front of us. So as I drive my car around I come across many different signs and sometimes bummper stickers. I think many of have seen the political bummper stickers. Sometimes there are those about my child is on the honor roll. Some are about not getting too close.. and when you read them you realize you are too close.

Others are like a sense of turf, so that people can know who they are messging with You get the idea of what kind of person is behind the wheel. They are statements that allow us a brief glimpse into their world. Then there are ones that tell us that angels are driving the car in front, or that there some environmental cause to watch out for. Yes I know its a free speech country, and I am grateful for this. But my all time favorite one is "Is the cab you are in 'Insured', we are!" Ok, now tell me how does that help me any. Ummm, its a bummper sticker! Ok. When was the last time I took a cab and said to the driver are you insured? If not then I'll wait for a cab that is? Why a bummer sticker... Just so the world can know? To me this is like noise pollution. Its like that song that won't get out of your head. Grrrrr.

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